Graduate Certificate in Indo-European Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Indo-European Studies, available to graduate students outside the Program in Indo-European Studies, requires a minimum of 6 quarter courses, structured as follows:


M150 (Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics) and two courses from IE ST 205, 210, and 215 (Indo-European Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax respectively).


Three additional courses, one of which must be an IE ST 200-level course, with the remaining two chosen from any course with Indo-European relevance from Asian Languages and Cultures, Classics, English, Germanic Languages, Indo-European Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Scandinavian, or Slavic Languages and Literatures. Electives will ideally form a coherent grouping (e.g., a course in an older Indo-European language and a course in the history of that language).

All elective choices are subject to the approval of the Director of Indo-European Studies in consultation with the Graduate Advisor of the student’s home department or program.