The deadline for applications to begin graduate study in Fall 2023 is January 5, 2023. We accept applications for Fall quarter only. Do not be concerned that some parts of the Graduate Division online application (e.g. the fellowship application) state December 15 as the deadline. The departmental deadline is the one that counts.

UCLA has an online application process. Orient yourself by looking at the materials under “Step 3” and then follow the link in “Step 4.” The online instructions will guide you through the process. Here are some additional notes:

  1. Plans for Graduate Study. Make sure that you select the correct field of study and degree in which you are applying (i.e. M.A. or Ph.D.).
  2. You will be asked to explain the nature and extent of your background and training in both Ancient and Modern Languages. You will be able to insert this information only after you have entered your plans for graduate study.
  3. Transcripts. While you may upload unofficial copies of your transcripts as part of your application, the following is required: one official copy of your transcript sent directly to the department from the registrars of the academic institutions you have attended (beyond secondary school), OR you may request official copies and send them to us yourself.
  4. The online process will provide several opportunities to upload documents in support of your application. The maximum file size for these areas is 2.5 MB, so please avoid any embedded graphics. We prefer that you upload document as pdf’s where possible, as this avoids problems with fonts and formatting.
  • Statement of Purpose. The first parts of this section ask you to list honors and awards, work experience, and other CV information. The second part is the essay. This statement should be approximately 1500* words (**if your statement is over 1500 words, please email with the attached statement). It is helpful if your statement of purpose shows that you have good reasons to want to enter our program. Before you begin to write, you should look at the list of faculty in the department and refer to their individual web pages. Feel free to email department faculty to ask to see a current syllabus, or just generally to talk about research.
  • Writing sample. Your sample should demonstrate your ability to write (preferably on a linguistic topic) at a pre-professional level, displaying features appropriate to scholarly writing, such as proper style and bibliographic conventions, clear and rigorous argumentation, correct use of terminology and methodology, etc. Samples should be around twenty pages. It is preferable to upload your sample as a pdf to avoid conflicts with fonts and diacritics. If you encounter problems, you may send the sample as a pdf attachment, emailed to the Program (
  • Resume/CV.
  1. Fellowship application. Make sure to check all appropriate boxes. Applicants for the Cota-Robles Fellowship need to pay particular attention to this form. See the following step for details.
  2. Special note for Cota-Robles applicants. The Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship is a four-year program providing support to a limited number of outstanding underrepresented students entering PhD programs at UCLA. The Program in Indo-European Studies may nominate potential candidates for selection by the UCLA Graduate Division. Individuals from underrepresented cultural, geographical, or socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to apply, as are individuals who have engaged in significant service efforts to increase participation in higher education by underrepresented groups. To apply for this fellowship, click the Cota-Robles fellowship button in the Fellowship Application section of the online application. Please read the information there carefully and craft a cogent diversity statement.
  3. Letters of recommendation. These letters will be submitted online. You will be asked to list your recommenders in the online application and give their contact information.  A minimum of three letters are required. Depending on the nature of the letter-writers’ experience with you, your letters should attest to such things as your intellectual ability and potential for success in graduate studies, your linguistic skills and background (in terms of both language ability and exposure to theoretical linguistics), your ability to engage in original research projects (and to write about them), and your potential as a teacher.
  4. GRE scores are not required for application to the program.
  5. You are welcome to submit any supplementary materials that you feel may help represent you. These should be submitted under the Supplementary/Additional Materials tab in PDF format.
  6. Questions about the content of the program should be directed to Brent Vine: Questions about paperwork or problems in dealing with the online application should be directed to the Student Affairs Officer, Neli Petrosyan:

    When will I hear?

    The Graduate Committee begins reading files in January; after that we will extend invitations to visit campus during a specified visiting period in February or March. At the end of the visit, the committee typically decides on 4-6 offers of funding packages. The conventional deadline for students to accept their offers is April 15, so offers to other students should begin by early April.

    Otherwise, applicants will receive a letter in the mail, probably by late March. We know it is hard to wait, and will write as soon as we can. Please do let us know if you need to hear from us. We want all applicants to know that we appreciate your serious interest in our program at UCLA, and that we look forward to reading your materials.