Each fall, usually on a Friday and Saturday, the Program in Indo-European Studies hosts an international conference, informally known as “WeCIEC” (for “West Coast Indo-European Conference”) and more formally as the “Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference”. The conference is free and open to the public; there is no registration fee, and all attendees are cordially invited to attend the post-conference party on Saturday evening. (We regret that we cannot provide financial support for airfare or lodging.) For each conference, there is a subsequent proceedings volume (edited by Program faculty), with published versions of many of the papers presented.

Information about this year’s conference is available here. We invite papers on any aspect of Indo-European studies: linguistics, archaeology, comparative mythology/poetics, culture. Papers on both interdisciplinary and specific topics (e.g., typology, methodology, reconstruction, the interpretation of material culture, etc.) are welcome. For the submission of abstracts, full details about the deadline, guidelines, and other useful information, as well as submission forms, can be found here.


Full details about past conferences (including the published proceedings volumes) are available in the WeCIEC Archives.

See also Other Conferences for information about other past scholarly events hosted or co-hosted by the Program in Indo-European Studies.