Other Events

The table below lists past events for which specific date information is not known.

Ilya Yakubovich (University of Chicago) | Luvians and Greeks: Linguistic Diversity in Pre-Classical Anatolia2009Lecture
Thórhallur Eythórsson (University of Iceland) | More or Less Constrained: Syntax and Meter in the Poetic Edda2009Lecture
José Luis García-Ramón (Universität zu Köln) | Verbal Reduplication in Hittite: 'Aktionsart' and Aspect in Indo-European Reconstruction2009Lecture
Benjamin W. Fortson IV (University of Michigan) | Notes on Adpositional Syntax in Italic2008Lecture
Edward L. Keenan (Dept. of Linguistics, UCLA) | The Historical Creation of Reflexives in English2007Lecture
Anna Morpurgo Davies (Oxford University) | Hieroglyphic Luvian and Related Topics2006Block Seminar
Arlo Griffiths (Institut Kern, Universiteit Leiden; Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) | Tumburu: A Deified Tree2006Lecture
Michael Janda (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) | Succession in Heaven: The Linguistic Prehistory of Uranos, Kronos, and Zeus2006Lecture
Joshua T. Katz (Princeton University) | Aeschylus the Trojan2006Lecture
Melanie Malzahn (Universität Wien) | The Secret Archaic Manuscripts of Tocharian B2006Lecture
Arek Marciniak (Institute of Prehistory, University of Poznań) | The Spread of Neolithic and Chalcolithic Groups in Central Anatolia: The Indo-European Hypothesis Contextualised2006Lecture
Michael Janda (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) | From Proto-Indo-European to Tocharian: The Verbal Endings2006Seminar
Joshua T. Katz (Princeton University) | The Epic Adventures of an Unknown Particle2006Seminar
Melanie Malzahn (Universität Wien) | Tocharian Desire2006Seminar
H. Craig Melchert (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) | Anatolian Local Adverbs from an Indo-European Perspective2006Seminar
Ludmila Koryakova (Ekaterinburg State University, Russia) | On the Northern Periphery of the Nomadic World: Archaeological Research in the Trans-Urals (Russia)2005Lecture
Ignasi Adiego Lajara (Universitat de Barcelona) | The Etruscan Tabula Cortonensis: A Tale of Two Tablets?2004Lecture
Yakiv Hershkovych (Kiev; Fulbright Scholar, Wellesley College) | Cultural Development and Economic and Ecological Systems of the Bronze Age from the Balkans to the Urals during the 2nd Millennium BC2004Lecture
Brian Joseph (The Ohio State University) | How Verb Endings Get Reshuffled—IE Archaisms and Balkan Innovations in South Slavic, Greek, and Albanian2004Lecture
Gerhard Meiser (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg) | Etruscan and Umbrian Rituals: Linguistic Parallels and Their Interpretation2004Lecture
Richard Salomon (University of Washington) | Languages Behaving Badly: Reconstructing the Gandhari Language2004Lecture
Richard Salomon (University of Washington) | The Senior Scrolls: A New Collection of Gandharan Manuscripts of the Second Century A.D.2004Lecture
Deborah Anderson (Editor, UCLA Indo-European Studies Bulletin) | Indo-European Studies and the Internet2003Lecture
Aharon Dolgopolsky (University of Haifa) | Reconstructing the Typology of Nostratic: Synthetic or Analytic?2003Lecture
Aharon Dolgopolsky (University of Haifa) | The Origin of Gender in the Nostratic Languages2003Lecture
Hélène Perdicoyianni-Paléologou (Hellenic College) | Conversational Exchange in Plautus: ego/nos versus tu/vos2003Lecture
Benjamin W. Fortson, IV (Houghton Mifflin Co.) | Fidelholtz's Trombones and Other Issues in Historical Linguistics2002Lecture
Joshua T. Katz (Princeton University) | A Badger in Winter: Remarks on the Structure of 'Works and Days' 504–352002Lecture
Gregory Nagy (Harvard University; Sather Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, Spring 2002) | Homer and the Song Culture of Lesbos: A Window on the Bronze Age2002Lecture
Sergei Starostin (Russian State University for the Humanities and Santa Fe Institute) | Etymological Databases on the Web2002Lecture
Joshua T. Katz (Princeton University) | The Origin of the Greek Pluperfect2002Seminar
Sergei Starostin (Russian State University for the Humanities and Santa Fe Institute) | Word Prosody in Caucasian Languages and Beyond2002Seminar
Nikolay P. Grintser (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow) | Language of Men and Language of Gods: An Indo-European Poetic Model in Greek Perspective2001Lecture
Ivo Hajnal (Universität Innsbruck) | Early Greek Dialectology: Methods and Perspectives2001Lecture
Stephanie Jamison (Harvard University) | Vedic Uśanā Kāvya, Avestan Kauui Usan, and Friends: Mythology and Grammar2001Lecture
Alexander Leskov (Visiting Scholar in Near Eastern Studies, University of California at Berkeley; Head of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Art, Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow [1981-1987]) | The Ancient Iranian Tribes in Southeastern Europe During the Second Millennium BC2001Lecture
Alexander Leskov (Visiting Scholar in Near Eastern Studies, University of California at Berkeley; Head of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Art, Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow [1981-1987]) | The Evidence of Herodotos and New Discoveries of Scythian Monuments2001Lecture
Thomas G. Palaima (University of Texas, Austin) | Inside the Mind of a Mycenaean Scribe: Hand 2 and the Ta Series 3200 and 50 Years Later2001Lecture
Rahim Shayegan (Junior Fellow, Society of Fellows, Harvard University) | Epic and History in Ancient Iran2001Lecture
Philippe Swennen (Fyssen Foundation Fellow, Collège de France) | The Horse and the Dawn: Hierogamy and Eschatology in Old Indo-Iranian Religions2001Lecture
Xavier Tremblay (Universität Wien) | Did Zarathustra Really Exist? or: On the Unity of the Gâthâs and the Yasna Haptañhâiti2001Lecture
Fjodor Uspenskij (Russian Academy of Sciences) | Towards the Further Interpretation of the Primordial Cow Audhumla2001Lecture
Leonid T. Yablonsky (Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences; Fulbright Scholar, 2000-2001) | The Earliest Cattle-Breeders of the Kara Khum Oasis: Culture, Physical Anthropology, Language2001Lecture
Leonid T. Yablonsky (Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences; Fulbright Scholar, 2000-2001) | The Funeral Rite of the Ancient Central Asian Zoroastrians2001Lecture
Stefan Zimmer (Rheinsiche Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) | Gerald of Wales: A Medieval Linguist2001Lecture
Stefan Zimmer (Rheinsiche Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) | Aspects of Leadership in Celtic and Indo-European Traditions2001Lecture
Ivo Hajnal (Universität Innsbruck) | Lydian: Late Hittite or Neo-Luvian?2001Seminar
Stephanie Jamison (Harvard University) | I: Part I: An Anagram in the Gāthās; II: Uśanā Kāvya in the Rig Veda: Metrical Evidence and Grammatical Evidence2001Seminar
Philippe Swennen (Fyssen Foundation Fellow, Collège de France) | Yasht 5.7, and the existence of Indra in the Indo-Iranian Pantheon2001Seminar
Xavier Tremblay (Universität Wien) | Rig-Veda, Hymn VII.332001Seminar
Stefan Zimmer (Universität Bonn) | More Indo-Celtic Connections2001Seminar
Pietro Dini (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) | The Imposition of Latin as an Official Language of 16th-Century Lithuania2000Lecture
José Luis García-Ramón (Universität zu Köln) | Mycenaean Greek Personal Names and Poetic Phraseology2000Lecture
Andrew Garrett (University of California at Berkeley) | Latin Morphological Structure and the Levelling of Vowel Weakening2000Lecture
Alexander Lehrmann (University of Delaware) | The Laryngeals of Proto-Indo-Hittite, And What Her Two Daughters, Proto-Anatolian and Proto-Indo-European, Did with Them2000Lecture
Silvia Luraghi (Università di Pavia) | The Greek Dative: Its Origin, Development and Loss in the Light of the Economy of Greek Nominal Paradigms2000Lecture
Anna Morpurgo Davies (Oxford University) | Ancient Greek Names: Onomastic Change and Lexical Change2000Lecture
Peter Schrijver (Ludwig-Maximillians Universität München) | British Celtic and the Rise of English2000Lecture
Michael Shapiro (Brown University) | Peircean (Historical) Linguistics2000Lecture
Gordon Whittaker (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) | Euphratic: An Indo-European Answer to the Sumerian Question?2000Lecture
José Luis García-Ramón (Universität zu Köln) | On Verbal Suppletion, Aktionsart and Aspect in Indo-European Reconstruction2000Seminar
Peter Schrijver (Ludwig-Maximillians Universität München) | More Evidence for PIE VRH# > V:R#2000Seminar
Lyle Campbell (Universtiy of Canterbury, New Zealand) | Typology, Areal Linguistics, Genetic Relationship, and How They Interact1999Lecture
Stephanie W. Jamison (Harvard University) | Living Between the Lines: Reconstructing the History of Women in Ancient India1999Lecture
Vladimir Orel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) | Deciphering Indo-European Texts of the Eastern Mediterranean1999Lecture
Albrecht Wezler (Universität Hamburg) | Should the Adopted Son Be a Close Relative?: On the interpretation of Vasiṣṭha-Dharma-Sūtra 15.61999Lecture