Research Interests

  • Latin
  • Old Irish/Celtic
  • Language contact and bilingualism
  • Regional and social variation

Research Experience

  • Summer 2020: Research Assistant to Professor David Goldstein, Department of Linguistics, UCLA
  • Spring 2020: Research Assistant for Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    Supervisors: Professor Giulia Sissa, Department of Political Science, UCLA; Professor Peter Cowe, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA
  • Summer 2015: Research Assistant with the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge
    Research Project: Greek in Italy, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council
    Principal Investigator: James Clackson



  • 2017: The Latin of St Patrick: ut-clauses and bilingualism (MPhil thesis)
  • 2016: Ἁρμονία: its musical–mathematical meaning in Longinus’ On the Sublime and Dionysius of Halicarnassus’ On Composition (BASc thesis)


  • September 2020* [postponed until September 2021 due to COVID-19]: The Role of Christian Latin in the Development of Romance Vocabulary: A Lexical Study of the Peregrinatio Egeriae, paper to be presented at Latin vulgaire – Latin tardif XIV, Ghent, Belgium.
  • April 2018: Was St Patrick a non-native speaker of Latin?, poster presented at Variation and Contact in the Ancient Indo-European Languages, Pisa, Italy.


  • Winter 2020: Teaching assistant for Classics 185: Origin and Nature of English Vocabulary, taught by Professor Brent Vine, Department of Classics, UCLA.
  • Fall 2019: Co-Instructor for Latin 1: Elementary Latin, supervised by Dr Samuel Beckelhymer, Department of Classics, UCLA.