Research Experience

  • Graduate Summer Research Mentorship: June 2023-September 2023, under the supervision of Dr. David Goldstein

Additional Study

  • Leiden Language and Linguistics Summer School: July 2023 — Courses in Middle Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Avestan Language and Linguistics, Lycian and Phrygian



  • 2022: The Eternal Holy Grail: Magical Cups as an Indo-European Tradition — MA thesis
  • 2019: “A sword sheathed in stone is better than any”: A Diachronic Linguistic and Comparative Mythological Analysis of the Development of the Legends of King Arthur — BA Honours thesis


  • Medea’s Magical Cauldron, the Horn of Amalthea, and King Arthur’s Holy Grail: three descendants of a common Proto-Indo-European story, Classical Association of Canada Annual Conference, London, Ontario, 12–15 May, 2022.
  • Euphiletus the Guilty: the Use of Torture in Lydia’s 1, Classical Association of Canada Annual Conference, Montreal, Quebec (virtual), 25–28 May, 2021.


  • Winter 2024: Teaching Assistant for Linguistics 120B (Syntax I), UCLA, faculty supervisor Dr. Zahrasadat Mirrazi Renani
  • Fall 2023: Teaching Assistant for Classics 10 (Introduction to the Ancient Greeks), UCLA, faculty supervisor Dr. Zachary Borst


  • 2023: Graduate Summer Research Mentorship
  • 2022: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship
  • 2021: Melba Sadler Graduate Scholarship in Classics
  • 2021: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council CGS-M
  • 2019: Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship