Research Interests

  • Homeric Greek
  • Indo-European Poetics and Mythology
  • Nominal Composition

Research Experience

  • Fall 2021–present: Research Assistant to Prof. David Goldstein, Department of Linguistics, UCLA



  • 2018: “L’invettiva di Timocreonte di Rodi contro Temistocle (Fr.727 Page)” (“The invective of Timokreon of Rhodes against Themistocles (Fr.727 Page)”) – BA thesis
  • 2021: “I composti pindarici: il caso degli hapax legomena nelle Pitiche” (“Pindaric compounds: the case of hapax legomena in the Pythians”) – MA thesis


  • September 2022: “Pindar And Greek Poetic Language. What can hapax legomena compounds from the Pythians tell us about poetic tradition and innovation in Pindar’s language?”, poster presented at Pavia Fifth International Summer School for Indo-European Linguistics – Pavia, Italy
  • March 2021: “Odio e invidia. Esito dei lavori del corso avanzato di Glottologia 2019/2020 (UCSC)” (“Hate and envy. Paper from the course of Advanced Historical Linguistics 2019/2020 (UCSC)”), paper co-presented at La fenomenologia delle emozioni in latino. Prospettive linguistiche, letterarie, antropologiche – Genova, Italy


  • Spring 2023: Teaching Assistant in Elementary Latin (Latin 2 Hybrid), UCLA – Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Robert A. Gurval.
  • Winter 2023: Teaching Assistant in Introduction to the Study of Language (Ling 1), UCLA – Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppina Silvestri.
  • Fall 2022: Teaching Assistant in Elementary Latin (Latin 1), UCLA – Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Robert A. Gurval.