This is the schedule of the 13th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. Commonly referred to as a “West Coast Indo-European Conference” (WeCIEC), this installment took place on Nov. 9–10, 2001 at the University of California, Los Angeles.

For papers with the    symbol, a revised version was published in the conference’s proceedings volume; the symbol links to the program’s publication page, also available here.

Day 1: Friday, November 9, 2001

9:15–9:30 AM

Opening Remarks by Brent Vine (UCLA)

Panel I, chaired by Christopher Wilhelm (UCLA)

  • 9:30–10:00 AM

    Anatoly Liberman

    University of Minnesota

    English IVY in its Indo-European Context

  • 10:00–10:30 AM

    Philip Baldi, Paul Harvey

    Penn State University

    Latin populus: A Reevaluation

  • 10:30–11:00 AM

    Jay Friedman


    Tocharian B ṣñor ‘sinew’

11:00–11:15 AM


Panel II, chaired by Angelo Mercado (UCLA)

  • 11:15–11:45 AM

    Joseph F. Eska

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    Remarks on Linguistic Structures in the Gaulish Inscription of Châteaubleau (Seine-et-Marne)

  • 11:45–12:15 PM

    Andriy Danylenko

    Kharkiv University, Shevchenko Scientific Society

    The Verb ‘Have’ in East Slavic: A Reply to Carol F. Justus’ Hypothesis

12:15–2:00 PM


Featured Speaker, introduced by Richard Jones (UCLA)

  • 2:00–3:15 PM

    James P. Mallory

    Queens University, Belfast

    The Semantic Worlds of Proto-Indo-European

3:15–3:30 PM


Panel III, chaired by Natalie Operstein (UCLA)

  • 3:30–4:00 PM

    Bridget Drinka

    University of Texas, San Antonio

    Proto-Indo-European -to- and -no-: Verbal Adjectives or Past Passive Participles?

  • 4:00–4:30 PM

    Heidi Waltz

    University of California, Riverside

    Language and Literature: Transitivization as Reliefgebung

  • 4:30–5:00 PM

    Petri Kallio

    University of Leiden

    Prehistoric Contacts between Indo-European and Uralic

Day 2: Saturday, November 10, 2001

Panel IV, chaired by Jay Friedman

  • 9:00–9:30 AM

    Kazuhiko Yoshida

    Kyoto University

    Observations on Some Cuneiform Spellings: Epithetic or Graphic?

  • 9:30–10:00 AM

    George Starostin, Ilya S. Yakubovich

    Russian State University for the Humanities; University of California, Berkeley

    Constraining Brugmann’s Law

  • 10:00–10:30 AM

    Alexander Lubotsky

    University of Leiden

    The Indo-Iranian Word for ‘shank, shin’

10:30–11:00 AM


Panel V, chaired by Jerome Sigler

  • 11:00–11:30 AM

    Alexis Manaster Ramer, Fabrice Cavoto

    Wayne State University; UCLA

    Syllabic Laryngeals in Word-Final Position

  • 11:30–12:00 PM

    Dean A. Miller

    University of Rochester

    Theseus and the Fourth Function

  • 12:00–12:30 PM

    Deborah Anderson

    University of California, Berkeley

    Brief Update on Indo-European Unicode Activities

12:30–2:00 PM


Fatured Speaker, introduced by Brent Vine (UCLA)

  • 2:00–3:15 PM

    Jay H. Jasanoff

    Harvard University

    The nom. sg. of Germanic n-stems

3:15–3:30 PM


Panel VI, chaired by Martin E. Huld

  • 3:30–4:00 PM

    Paul-Louis van Berg, Marc Vander Linden

    Université Libre de Bruxelles

    Ctesias’ Assyriaka: Ethnography, History or Propaganda?

  • 4:00–4:30 PM

    Arwen Lee Hogan

    University of Pittsburgh

    The Modesty of Odysseus

  • 4:30–5:00 PM

    Edwin D. Floyd

    University of Pittsburgh

    Who Killed Patroklos? Expressing the Inexpressible through an Inherited Formula

5:00–5:15 PM

Closing Remarks by Brent Vine (UCLA)