Published: March 22, 2022

The 232nd annual meeting of the American Oriental Society (AOS 232) is on March 18–March 21, 2022. The program features many talks by UCLA linguists:

  • John Clayton: The Lengthening of *i, *u > ī, ū  / __rC in Sanskrit
  • Ian Hollenbaugh (alum, now at Washington University): Primary Root Aorists in Vedic: A tezzi Principle?
  • Anahita Hoose: Syntactic and Functional Evidence for Āpat as an Ex-Perfect
  • Stephanie Jamison: Another, Unrecognized, cvi Construction in the Rigveda: Philological and Literary Aspects
  • Alex Roy: On the Imputed Pudor of the Apsarás
  • Thomas Motter: Hittite Determinate Correlatives are not Indefinite

Further details are available here.