Elisa Migliaretti & Paolo Sabattini win Indogermanische Gesellschaft awards for outstanding Master’s theses in Indo-European studies

Published: March 22, 2022

Program in Indo-European Studies graduate students Elisa Migliaretti and Paolo Sabattini have both won awards for outstanding Master’s theses in Indo-European Studies. Elisa Migliaretti received second place with her thesis “I composti pindarici: il caso degli hapax legomena nelle Pitiche” (“Pindaric Compounds: the Case of Hapax Legomena in the Pythians”; submitted at Milan), and Paolo Sabattini received third place with his thesis “Gli errori scribali nei testi in Lineare B: genesi e tipologia tra competenza linguistica e contesto redazionale” (“Scribal errors in Linear B texts: genesis and typology between linguistic competence and productional context”; submitted at Bologna). We wish them hearty congratulations. For more information, please see https://indogermanistik.org/preise.html.