The following constitutes introductory information regarding the graduate degree program. For a complete outline of degree requirements, see “Program Requirements for UCLA Graduate Degrees” available in the Program office and accessible on-line from UCLA Graduate Division.


Major Field

The Ph.D. in Indo-European Studies is offered with two alternative choices of major field:


General Requirements

For all students, regardless of specialization, include:

Specialization in Indo-European Linguistics

In addition to the general requirements:

Plus at least one additional language chosen from among the following:

Specialization in One Indo-European Language Area

An advanced seminar in comparative grammar, a minimum of two ancient Indo-European languages from different sub-branches, and additional units in the area of specialization, to be chosen in consultation with the adviser.

Graduate Certificates

Some graduate students in IES choose to take significant coursework in either Linguistics or Classics. Thanks to the cooperation of those respective departments, students who wish to receive formal recognition for such study may now earn a graduate certificate in the respective areas by fulfilling the requirements listed below. Any questions regarding these may be directed to the Director of IES.


Graduate Certificate in Linguistics:

A minimum of 6 quarter courses, structured as follows:


Choice of:

  • 200A Phonological Theory I
  • 201 Phonological Theory II
  • 200B Syntactic Theory I
  • 200C Semantic Theory I, or
  • 206 Syntactic Theory II
  • Two electives


Graduate Certificate in Classics:

A minimum of 6 quarter courses, structured as follows:

Required (a):

Required (b):


Three courses chosen from the following, split between Greek and Latin (i.e., 2 Greek/1 Latin, or 2 Latin/1 Greek):

  • Greek 200A/B/C
  • Latin 200A/B/C
  • Greek 210, or
  • Latin 210

Two graduate seminar courses in Classical literature or culture (including, with the approval of the Graduate Advisor, the possibility of one graduate seminar in a related department or program, such as Art History, Archaeology, History, Philosophy).

Note: Graduate seminars that fulfill a requirement in the student’s home graduate program cannot be counted (e.g., Greek 240 for students in IE Studies, if Greek 240 is used to fulfill the Greek Qualifying Exam requirement in IE Studies). All elective choices are subject to the approval of the Classics Graduate Advisor (in consultation with the Graduate Advisor of the student’s home department or program).

For More Information

Full program requirements: