Research interests:

  • Homeric philology
  • Greek dialectology
  • Vedic philology
  • Sanskrit Epic literature
  • Indo-European poetics and phraseology
  • Nominal composition/morphology
  • Baltic languages
  • Latin

Academic activities:

  • 2016-2020: ‘Préparateur’ in Latin language and Literature, CPGE, Lycée Fenelon (Paris)
  • 2017-2018: Lecturer in Latin language and Literature, Université Catholique de Paris
  • 2018-2019: Lecturer in French and Francophone studies, UCLA
  • 2020 (on going): Research assistant to Prof. David Goldstein



  • The heteroclitic neuters in Greek: morphology and semantics from Homer to the 6 cent. A.D. (M.A. Thesis)


  • Chapters in Philosophie Grecque, M. Canto-Sperber (dir.), Presses universitaires de France, Paris, 2017.
  • ‘’a-re-pa, ἄλειφαρ, ἄλειφα, life and death of a linguistic ghost’’, Indo-European Linguistics and Homeric Philology, Sorbonne-École Normale Supérieure, March 2018.


2019: Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship