Research Interests

  • Sanskrit
  • Middle Indic
  • Verbal aspect
  • Comparative mythology

Research Experience

  • 2017-20: Research Assistant to Professor David Goldstein, UCLA, working on Ancient Greek linguistics



  • Forthcoming: “Kings, Horses and a Historian: On Herodotus IV.7 and Indo-European Horse Sacrifice”, Journal of Indo-European Studies.
  • 2020: “Presenting the past in Middle Indic”, Indo-European Linguistics. 8.205-53,


  • In progress: Studies in Indo-Aryan Aspectual Systems (Ph.D dissertation)
      • Supervisor: Stephanie W. Jamison
  • 2016: From Latin to Old English: Loanwords, Loan Translations and Loan Formations (M.Phil. thesis)


  • 3.14.2021: “Re-Examining the Tense System of Epic Sanskrit”, 231st Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society, online.
  • 6.13.2020: “A Scythian Puruṣamedha?”, East Coast Indo-European Conference xxxix, online.
  • 6.1.2019: “Mordred in Gondolin: Arthurian Reception in Tolkien’s Legendarium”, Wars of Words: Conflict/ing Narratives, Myth, and Folklore, UCLA.
  • 3.18.2019: “On the Morphosemantics of Past-Referring Verbal Forms in Middle Indic”, 229th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society, Chicago, IL.
  • 6.2.2018: “Eros Shook My Mind: Disease, Decline and Divinity in the Sapphic Corpus”, ‘First Do No Harm’: On the Interplay of Folklore, Myth, and Medicine from the Ancient World to the Renaissance and Beyond, UCLA.
  • 3.19.2018: “Presenting the Past in Middle Indic”, 228th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society, Pittsburgh, PA.


  • Fall 2021: Teaching Assistant to Dr. Samuel Beckelhymer, UCLA (Latin 3 Hybrid)
  • Spring 2021: Teaching Assistant to Dr. Jesse Lundquist, UCLA, teaching Indo-European Studies/Linguistics M150 (Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics)
  • Spring 2021: Teaching Assistant to Professor Brent Vine, UCLA, teaching Classics 185 (Origins and Nature of English Vocabulary)
  • Fall 2020: Teaching Assistant to Professor Brent Vine, UCLA (Latin 1)
  • Spring 2020: Teaching Assistant to Dr Samuel Beckelhymer, UCLA (Latin 2 Hybrid)
  • Winter 2020: Teaching Assistant to Dr Samuel Beckelhymer, UCLA (Latin 1 Hybrid)
  • Fall 2019: Teaching Assistant to Professor David Blank, UCLA, teaching Classics 148 (Early Greek Medicine and Thought)
  • 2017-19: Teaching Assistant to Dr Sara Burdorff and Professors Stephanie Jamison and Olga Yokoyama, UCLA, teaching GE 30 (Never-Ending Stories: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Myth)
  • 2015-16: Lecturer in Classics, Somerville College, Oxford


  • 2021-22: Morvarid Guiv Graduate Fellowship in Zoroastrian Studies, UCLA
  • 2021: Summer Mentored Research Fellowship, UCLA
  • 2019: Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA (project: “Re-Examining the Tense System of Epic Sanskrit”; supervisor: Professor Stephanie Jamison)
  • 2018: Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA (project: “Morphological Expression of Grammatical Aspect in Middle Indic Narrative Texts”; supervisor: Professor David Goldstein)
  • 2016: Amit Mishra Bursary from the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
  • 2014: Masters Bursary from the Philological Society
  • 2014: Alice Horsman Award from Somerville College, Oxford
  • 2014: Mary Somerville Prize from Somerville College
  • 2014: Comparative Philology Prize, University of Oxford
  • 2014: Principal’s Prize from Somerville College
  • 2013: Proxime accessit in the Chancellor’s Latin Prose Prize, University of Oxford
  • 2013: Awarded £50 in the Gaisford Prize for Greek Prose, University of Oxford
  • 2012: ‘Honourable mention’ in the Chancellor’s Latin Prose Prize, University of Oxford
  • 2012: College Prize and Seymour Scholarship in Classics, Somerville College