Every year, the Program admits a small number of students for the pursuit of a Ph.D. degree.



The basis for admission to the program is normally a B.A. degree with a major in an Indo-European language field (e.g., Classics [Greek and Latin], Germanic, Slavic, Romance languages) or in Linguistics. All applicants, including those who do not have a bachelor's degree in Classics or Latin, should be able to demonstrate competence in Classical Latin.


Required Materials

GRE scores are not required for application to the program;


Applicants should provide at least three letters of recommendation, and should submit

a sample of written work (such as a term paper, preferably on a linguistic topic).


For a complete list of requirements, see the UCLA Graduate Admission Page.



The deadline for application is January, 5th.

Decisions regarding admissions are usually made during the Spring (end of the Winter Quarter).

Applications are accepted for entrance to the Fall Quarter only.


Financial Support

Some financial support is available, in the form of fellowships and research assistantships.

M.A. Programs in Indo-European Linguistics

If feasible, it may be beneficial for some potential applicants to a Ph.D. program in Indo-European Linguistics to enhance their qualifications by first completing an M.A. degree. The University of Georgia, the University of Munich, and the EPHE/Sorbonne all offer quality M.A. programs.