Call For Papers

Due to concerns regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Thirty-Second Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, originally scheduled for November 2020, has been cancelled and will not take place.


The conference is free and open to the public — there is no registration fee, and all attendees are cordially invited to attend the post-conference party on Saturday evening. We regret that we cannot provide financial support for airfare or lodging.


We invite papers on any aspect of Indo-European studies: linguistics, archaeology, comparative mythology/poetics, culture. Papers on both interdisciplinary and specific topics (e.g., typology, methodology, reconstruction, the interpretation of material culture, etc.) are welcome. A period of twenty minutes will be allotted for each paper, followed by a ten-minute discussion period.



Abstracts must be received by June 1, 2020.



We ask that those contemplating submission of an abstract please pay careful attention to the following guidelines:

If an abstract is accepted:


Submission of Abstracts and Inquiries to:

Preliminary abstracts should be sent via e-mail as an attached PDF file to Prof. Brent Vine and Thomas Motter.


If electronic submission is for some reason not possible, the mailing address is:


Indo-European Conference Committee

UCLA Program in Indo-European Studies

100 Dodd Hall

405 Hilgard Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1417