Final Version of Accepted Abstracts

Abstracts accepted for the conference will be published on-line to supplement the printed and on-line conference program.

Participants are given the opportunity to revise their abstracts and invited to submit final electronic versions by October 1.


Layout and Formatting

For the sake of uniformity, the following guidelines have been formulated.

The text of the body of the abstract must be:

Two additional pages may be used for figures, tables, and references.


The header of the first page (centered) should contain the title (in bold face), author’s/s’ name(s) and primary affiliation(s).

The header of subsequent pages should contain the author’s/s’ last name(s) (left-aligned) and page number (right-aligned). Consult the Conference Archives for examples.


File Format

Abstracts should be in PDF format.


Submissions and Deadline

The electronic abstract can e-mailed to Thomas Motter.

Online Handouts and Slides

We also offer the option of making handouts and/or slides for each presentation available online for download either before or after the conference.

If you wish to take advantage of this option, please email your material to Thomas Motter in PDF format.